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BARNES Commercial Properties

BARNES Commercial Properties

Marketing of prestigious commercial properties

Russian investors and customers are often eager to buy Russian investors and clients are often willing to invest capital in attractive opportunities, guaranteeing regular income and optimal security.

BARNES Moscow assists you in the search for premium sites Retails offering yields ranging from 2 to 9%, depending on the country.

Thanks to our extensive network, we have access to different types of retail: retail stores, restaurants, exchange offices, etc.

Our team offers you multiple services including:

  • Handling the specifications of the investor client (preferred destination, type of asset, type of budget, type of financing, type of profitability, type of financing).

  • Research. We usually work on a research mandate. The more the specifications of the customer are specified upstream, the better our teams manage to select rare products tailored to the demands of customers.

  • Once the project is identified, we accompany the clients in their Due Diligence, in their negotiations, and in the elaboration of their offers.

  • Financing, taxation and administrative aspects.

  • If necessary, we can put in place tailor-made contracts to ensure that property management is monitored by the local management to ensure the profitability of the property.





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