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Penthouse Moscow

Penthouse Moscow

Central, Ostozhenka
  • 3 bedrooms   7707 sq ft  
RUB 1,908,342,000
$ 25,081,000

Apartment Moscow

Central, Khamovniki
  • 5 bedrooms   4682 sq ft  
RUB 1,141,307,000
$ 14,999,000

Penthouse Moscow

Central, Khamovniki
  • 4 bedrooms   4327 sq ft  
RUB 1,116,770,000
$ 14,677,000

Penthouse Moscow

Central, Patriarshiye Prudy
  • 2 bedrooms   2314 sq ft  
RUB 450,000,000
$ 5,914,000

Luxury homes and apartments for sale in Russia - BARNES

Luxury real estate for sale - BARNES

Moscow is rently very dynamic and luxury prices on the rise. The city has enormously modernized in recent years. Today, the living environment is very pleasant and reassuring. At the same time turned towards the future and rich of its past, it attracts by its energy, its beauty, its culture, its monuments, its historical real estate and its unique caracter, Browse our selection and discover magnificent exceptional properties, houses, upscale apartments, duplexes, especially in neighborhoods like Khamovniki, Arbat, Zamoskvorechye, Patriarshiye Prudy, Tverskoy.

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