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The Art of Life BARNES

The Art of Life BARNES

Now more than ever, the French 'art de vivre', fuels our imagination. BARNES has always sought to pay tribute to this cultural heritage. This art de vivre extends to numerous areas, be it magnificent architecture and real estate, fine arts, yachting or wine making. We invite you to embark on this journey, accompanied by our teams ready to provide expert and advisory services to ensure that your projects perfectly combine the pleasure of art de vivre with profitability.

Castles & manors

 Situated on rocky peaks or on the banks of a winding river, majestic or reserved in spirit, castles and estates contribute to the international prestige of French heritage. As historical and architectural monuments, they are living witnesses to centuries of experience and craftsmanship. Go back in history and live your own fairy tale!

Country estates

 In an age when a return to our roots is vital, the heart of our rural areas beats in time with the seasons. Our natural habitats, while remaining unchanged and authentic, offer a way of life in complete harmony with nature. Go to green pastures and fall in love with the countryside!

Invest in vineyards

Like real estate, wine includes elements of both asset management and art de vivre, the ability to live a full life. Whether it's a Grand Cru or a simpler cuvée, they all rhyme with fun and elegance. Behind the shimmering reflections in the glass of wine are the vineyards, which are becoming increasingly rare and desirable assets. Take a big step and enter the wine industry!

Equestrian properties

The Cadre Noir in Saumur or the Garde Républicain are institutions whose mention is awe-inspiring for horse lovers, and their reputation beyond our borders is undeniable. Horse racing, breeding, competition, polo ... When it comes to horses, there are plenty of opportunities. Make a jump!

Hunting properties

As an ancestral practice, hunting for many centuries of its existence has managed to rethink itself as a true art of life art de vivre. Acquiring a hunting estate means being able to fully realize your passion according to tradition and in direct contact with fauna and flora. When it comes to your investment, choose the gentle trails!

Yachting World

Buying a yacht as a gift for yourself is a dream come true, both for beginners and experienced yachtsmen. Make the sea your favorite place on Earth!

Art advisory

 'Art is the only serious thing in the world,' Oscar Wilde said. Attractive returns, low tax rates and cultural heritage status make buying art a safe choice. Discover your inner artist.