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Equestrian properties

Equestrian properties

Make a jump!

Horse racing, show jumping, polo, breeding, dressage, combined riding... When it comes to horses, there are plenty of opportunities. Investing in horse farms, both based on reasoned calculation and passion, obeys a certain logic, and it is important to understand all the subtleties of this world.

Equestrian estates are a special class property, equally bright and diverse throughout France. It is the acquisition of a 'way of life' that is subject to a number of principles related to their nature.

When it comes to horse farms, the quality of the soil is important to provide the nutrients needed for the foals to grow healthy. Real estate should ideally be located in one of the known areas of horse breeding, starting in Upper and Lower Normandy.

For equestrian estates for the purpose of equestrian sports, special market research is required, especially when it comes to creating a new estate.  The specific equestrian sport will determine the search criteria (region, necessary infrastructure, size of the property, etc.).

Ensuring that these criteria are systematically considered is key to the success of this type of investment. Given that equestrian sport attracts a wide audience, the French Federation of Equestrian Sport (FFE) is the third largest federation in France after football and tennis, with 650,000 members.

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