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Castles & manors

Castles & manors

Live in your fairy tale.

The French Châteaux Chateaux are known all over the world, starting with the castles of the Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a heritage and a reflection of thousands of years of art history, the manors and chateaux attract various profiles of buyers, united by a love for this heritage, history and architecture.

What is a castle? There are several definitions depending on what is considered most important - its architecture, its defensive role or the history of a place. With the exception of a number of major historical monuments, the concept of a castle remains subjective, especially for those objects that have been rebuilt over many generations. Similarly, some constructions of the 20th century can be rightly considered castles because of their original style.

This single designation includes objects whose purpose has changed over the centuries: from medieval windowless fortresses to bright manors with impeccable gardens designed for elegant receptions.

Thus, it is difficult to determine the differences between castles and manors. Up until the Revolution, the manors had been the property of the nobility. This term was later applied to country houses built by landowners who wanted to live and receive visitors in the countryside.

Whatever the terminology, BARNES Proprieties & Châteaux invites you to return to History itself with the objects we have carefully selected.

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