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Dear friends!

Market analysis


Barnes hopes that each of you will go through this unprecedented period in a safe environment. We express our deep gratitude to the doctors who are now fighting for people's lives.  It will take courage for all of us to face this crisis.

In Barnes' nearly 20-year history, there have been many violent crises, they are inherent in life, but sooner or later they will end and things will become peaceful.

In a difficult historical period, the most important thing is not to lose courage and not to cut short the cases started earlier. Complex historical periods are a good time to invest.

We would like to confirm that BARNES managers and employees are always available online in all 90 offices in 20 countries. We do not interrupt our operations and are ready to provide you with professional help and support in as many areas as possible. Send us an enquiry and we will respond. In the comfort of your own home, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of the global market as well as our forecasts and investment advice.

5 reasons to choose BARNES today:

  1. We have the largest online database of exclusive properties worldwide.
  2. We'll help you find a home to rent, for comfortable privacy in these difficult times.
  3. We have unique offers for real estate investments, both in Russia and abroad.
  4. Our experts know all the possibilities of investing in art.
  5. We help to set up adequate financing and to invest in profitable projects.

#stayhome #staysafe #

We call on you to take care of yourself and your loved ones first, to take the situation seriously, to respect quarantine and hygiene rules and not to lose your sense of humour: if we can no longer kiss and shake hands, send aerial kisses.

Yours sincerely yours

The BARNES Moscow team